We apologise

We’ve had a tough couple of months, and unfortunately, our service levels have not been up to our usual standards. It has affected some of you, more than others, for which we apologise.

We’ve had long-term staff illness at the same time as staff holidays, and the office has had many periods when it has been un-manned. We’re not excusing it. It’s just what’s happened, and we’re sorry if you’ve been affected.

Staff are now on the road to recovery, and holidays are almost over, so we’re hoping to start geting back on track in the next week. It will take some time to get totally up to date, but we’ll be starting to make progress when the office re-opens after Bank Holiday Monday.

We’ll also be making plans so this doesn’t ever happen again.

Please accept our apology, and a discount code for 10% off your next order – b4mums11

T-J & the bras4mums team

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