Why does my bra hurt now I’m pregnant?

This is a very common question during pregnancy, so you’re not alone in asking it!

Bra band folds over

Bra band folds over

Do you recognise this picture? Could it have been your partner taking this photo of you?

This photo was taken by the partner of a lady 26 weeks pregnant, so if you’re around this stage in pregnancy, or later, then it’s a very common problem.

Reason why? Well, your growing bump is causing there to be very little space between breasts and bump for a bra band to sit firmly and well.

If, like this lady, the bra you’re wearing that’s folding over is a fairly firm support maternity bra (the one pictured is a Hotmilk maternity bra), the the firm band doesn’t really have any option but to fold over as there is no-where else for it to go!

Some of you during pregnancy cannot stand anything pressing on bump. For you, we suggest something softer around your ribs. It won’t be as supportive, but, it won’t be for long. This will only last for the rest of your pregnancy, so don’t worry about it. You’ll be able to get back to your firmer more supportive bras for breastfeeding and after the birth.

Remember as well that your body, and bump, changes shape and size during the day. So, what feels and looks fine in the morning might not later on as your body grows with heat and movement.

What can I do about it? If, like this lady, you’re uncomfortable, then this is likely to continue/get worse as bump grows even more over the next few weeks. Depending on your cup size, we’d suggest a softer, less structured bra for the rest of your pregnancy like Bravado Seamless bra, Cake Cotton Candy bra, or the Bravado Custom bra. There are other styles, (see seamless nursing bras), but these tend to work for most women we fit.

Even though the bands on these bras are often wider/deeper, as they are softer, even if they do roll up a bit they won’t be as uncomfortable. It’s also likely that these less structured seamless bras will be about the right size for your initial breastfeeding bra, and will last you for the initial few weeks of breastfeeding.

Any questions? If you have a question about bra fitting, please email it to info@bras4mums.co.uk, or tweet us @bras4mums and we’ll be happy to find the answer. With 10 years of bra fitting pregnant and breastfeeding women, we’ve seen most things at least once! We’ll be answering questions here once a week, and will be available online for individual queries. We’ll be using #brafittingFAQ to share some simple tips on twitter if you’d like to follow us there.

Review – HOTmilk Eclipse nursing bra

Our reviewer Liz is halfway through her second pregnancy. Here she reviews the Bras4Mums bra fitting service and the Hot Milk Eclipse. This was first published on Brighton Mums

HOTmilk Lingerie black nursing bra

HOTmilk Eclipse nursing bra

I was delighted to receive in the post my new HOTMilk Eclipse bra yesterday. I found the process of getting a well fitting bra very simple through Bras4mums. I had a phone consultation with TJ at a prearranged time and she talked me through my body shape, current size, pre-pregnancy size and my style preferences. It seems she made unerring judgement about what would fit as the first size she suggested is spot on, despite me having doubts about it.

This is my second pregnancy and I managed to get through the first, as well as 16 months of breastfeeding, with my (now) F cup boobs staying in pretty much the same place. This was through judicious purchasing of bigger and bigger supportive bras and being re-measured regularly! However, somehow in this second pregnancy I feel much more relaxed about everything and more reluctant to shell out loads of money – pregnancy feels more like a transition period this time rather than a major event in itself. Still, after a few weeks of struggling with wearing my pre-pregnancy, wired bras, and then a few more of wearing last pregnancy’s (now) ill-fitting non-wired ones, I have admitted to myself it really is important to be both comfortable and supported, with a new and properly fitting bra.

First of all to check I liked the style and to get a rough idea of fit, TJ sent out a bra that was one cup-size too big while she waited for the new stock to arrive. This was a great idea as it gave us both an inkling if whether we were on the right track. Finding it fitted round the back but was too big in the cup (as expected) I sent this back and the new one in the right size arrived as soon as it came in stock.

The HOTmilk eclipse is an excellent bra. It is very full in the cup and has 3 hook fastenings at the back. This makes for a very supportive bra and my boobs are still in the same place at the end of the day as they were at the beginning (anyone with big boobs knows this isn’t a given!). It doesn’t dig in anywhere, and despite having gone up a backsize in order to accommodate the fact my ribcage will expand, it doesn’t seem to be riding up at the back. It’s quite attractive too with plenty of lace in various places. Its sister bra, the ivory HOTmilk Luminous is also very attractive and I will shortly be ordering one of these in the same size. The additional bonus is that both of these bras have drop cups and will be suitable for breastfeeding (if I don’t grow too much before then!).

All in all I’m very pleased with this new bra and look forward to going back to Bras4mums for advice as I expand during the pregnancy!

This service and the bra were given to Liz free of charge in exchange for an honest review. If you need bra fitting advice, contact info@bras4mums.co.uk