Royce Blossom nursing bra is a hit with pregnant & new mums!

The Royce Blossom nursing bra has become one of our best selling bras since it was introduced in February.

“I have been nothing but impressed. With an innovate hidden drawstring it transforms from a high crop top style to lower cut plunge style bra which makes it so versatile and an essential in any maternity or nursing wardrobe in my opinion.”, Mags, pregnant with twins at the time she wrote this.

Emma, breastfeeding a 1 year old also found it a useful addition to her bra wardrobe with the shaping pad & easily adjustable cup size..


What do you think? Useful for pregnancy as well as initial stages of breastfeeding.

Royce Blossom nursing bra is available in the following sizes:

32 C / D / DD 32 E / F / FF 32 G / GG / H
34 C / D / DD 34 E / F / FF 34 G / GG / H
36 C / D / DD 36 E / F / FF 36 G / GG / H
38 C / D / DD 38 E / F / FF 38 G / GG / H
40 C / D / DD 40 E / F / FF 40 G / GG / H

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