Blue Monday

Apparently, the third Monday of the January is the ‘most depressing’ day of the year!


Apparently we are all feeling down: Christmas seems ages ago, we are waiting to be paid, we are struggling to shift the excesses from over-indulgence, the weather is rubbish and we are already likely to have failed to keep our new year resolutions.

I have to say, that I don’t feel like this at all and I am excited about what 2018 will bring!

But I didn’t want Blue Monday to pass by without offering a little something to all you lovely ladies, so I am offering free postage on any orders placed on Monday 15th January if you enter the code BLUE at the checkout*.

*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code. UK Free Delivery only.

There are some lovely blue nursing bras available too!

HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra Blue

HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra Blue

Nursing Bra Blue

Emma Jane Seamless Nursing Bra 362 Blue

Cake Lingerie Mousse Nursing Bra

Cake Lingerie Mousse Nursing Bra







Cake Lingerie Tea Nursing Bra

Cake Lingerie Tea Nursing Bra

HOTmilk Lingerie Activate Sports Nursing Bra

HOTmilk Lingerie Activate Sports Nursing Bra

Cake Lingerie Zest Sports Nursing Bra

Cake Lingerie Zest Sports Nursing Bra













Happy Shopping!

Emma x

Buying Nursing Bras this Christmas


It’s so easy to forget about our own needs at this time of year, but even more so if you are pregnant and expecting a baby in the run up to Christmas. Not only are you buying gifts for loved ones, but you are probably also decorating a nursery, buying clothes, nappies, cots, pushchairs, car seats and everything else you will need for baby’s arrival!

But what about what you need?  Have you thought about buying your nursing bras? 

HOTmilk Eclipse Nursing BraIf you are planning to breastfeed, I always recommend that you buy your nursing bras before baby arrives. This means that you will have a bra ready to wear as soon as you have the baby, so you won’t need to be shopping during those first few days when your breasts are sore and tender and you realise that the bras you have do not fit. 

Honestly, the last thing you need in the haze of having a new baby is trying to find a bra that fits!

I see so many ladies in the first few days post birth who have not planned ahead and call me desperate for good supportive bras because their milk has come in, their breasts are engorged and tender and their bras no longer fit them.

One common reason for not buying nursing bras before the baby arrives is that ladies do not know what size nursing bra they will need but that is where I can help!

The following is just a guide, but it does give you a starting point as to what size you are likely to need.  This is specifically for anyone in the last few weeks of pregnancy (36 weeks onwards) who need nursing bras. If you are at another stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding, then please get in touch and I’ll guide you with how to find the right size.

downloadFirstly, take a measurement under your bust, making sure the tape measure is firm against your rib cage.  This will give you your band size. If the number is an odd number, round up to the next even number.

Secondly, take a measurement around the fullest part of your bust, again making sure the tape measure is firm around your body.  The difference between your band size measurement and this measurement will give you the cup size.

For example, if your under bust measurement is 32 and your bust measurement is 37, you have 5 inches difference between those two measurements, so I’d suggest that you are around a 32DD in size.

Cup Size Difference in inches
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
DD 5
E 6
F 7
FF 8
G 9
GG 10

However, there are a couple of other important things that you need to be consider:

If you are around 36-37 weeks pregnant, then your rib cage is probably at the largest it will be, so you need to fit the bra on the loosest set of hooks to allow you to be able to tighten the band after you’ve had the baby to give your breasts the support they will need.

Also, your cup size is likely to increase by a cup size when your milk comes in, so I would always get a cup size bigger than you are now to allow for this growth in your breasts.

You will also need to the check the sizes the bra you choose comes in. Some styles don’t have double cup sizes, so this affects how you work out the cup size. Instead of a DD, you might need an E cup instead.

As for styles, I would always recommend a soft stretchy bra for the early few days when your breasts are sore and engorged and to sleep in. Styles like the Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra for up to an F cup and the Cake Lingerie Sugar Candy Nursing Bra for and F cup and above.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra

Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless Nursing Bra

Sugar Candy Seamless Nursing Bra







Or if you are looking for something a bit prettier, then the HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra is a gorgeous design but again very supportive, right up to a H cup.

HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra Blue

HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra Blue

HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra Ivory

HOTmilk Show Off Nursing Bra Ivory







So now you know how to measure yourself, there is no excuse not to buy yourself some new nursing bras!

You will get free postage on orders over £75 and I offer free returns and unlimited exchanges. So if you are not sure that the bra you ordered is quite right, please get in touch with me and I’ll do a fit check for you. We can work out if you need a different size or style and make sure that you are comfortable and supported in your new bras!

If you are local to Cambridge, then I also offer a home fitting service, so please email me if you would like to book a fitting.

Happy shopping!

Emma x

Breastfeeding in style this Christmas with Milk & Mummy

Milk & Mummy is run by my lovely friend Emma Downie and they stock everything from everyday nursing dresses to chic nursing tops and glamourous party dresses.  Emma has very kindly written a guest blog post for me as she has some beautiful dresses that are perfect for the Christmas party season!

As a special early Christmas present, get 10% off your Milk & Mummy order by using B4M10 at the checkout. This offer is exclusive to bras4mums customers and is valid till 30.03.18.

Merry Christmas!

Emma xx


Christmas has always been an occasion when I’ve loved to dress up. There’s usually some big social gathering during the festive period which means I see friends and relatives I haven’t seen for ages and everyone likes to make a bit of an effort to look good.

However, when I was breastfeeding, Christmas just seemed to present me with more occasions to breastfeed in public, and more pressure to look vaguely presentable at the same time. I really love wearing a dress and there aren’t many high street dresses which are breastfeeding friendly. Lifting the hem up above your boobs in public is just not an option and pulling the collar down would pull it out of shape. I had a couple of button front dresses but either the buttons didn’t button down far enough to get a boob out or undoing the buttons with one hand was almost impossible.

Here at Milk & Mummy we don’t believe that breastfeeding mums should have to compromise on their wardrobe just because they’re doing something as natural as feeding their baby.

This is where a Milk & Mummy breastfeeding dress can come to the rescue! So why should you buy from us this Christmas?

  • Style
    We sell beautiful dresses that you’d want to wear even if you weren’t feeding. In fact we think that many of the non-breastfeeding friends will be asking you where you got THAT dress from. We specialise in nursing dresses for dressed-up occasions.Whether it be elegant Zenobi with its on-trend lace overlay, in three stunning jewel colours or striking Tiffany in two-tone black and red, you’ll be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.
Tiffany - black/red nursing dress

Tiffany – black/red nursing dress

Zenobi - burgundy lace breastfeeding dress

Zenobi – burgundy lace breastfeeding dress

Zenobi - blue lace breastfeeding dress

Zenobi – blue lace breastfeeding dress

Zenobi - black lace breastfeeding dress

Zenobi – black lace breastfeeding dress













Martha - purple nursing dress

Martha – purple nursing dress

      • Easy-peasy breastfeeding
        All our dresses have really discrete and super-simple nursing openings. We don’t believe in some complicated strap mechanism. You don’t need five hands and a chin to hold the nursing opening up, just one hand will do, leaving you free to hold your baby, baste the turkey, drink more mulled wine….


  • None of those awkward “she’s wearing the same dress” moments
    Our pieces are all from very small production runs in Europe and sometimes further afield so it’s highly unlikely that another mum will be wearing the same dress as you, meaning you can keep your individual style all to yourself!
  • A really personal & efficient service
    We’re small enough to care and treat every customer as an individual and often go out of our way to answer customer queries. We can usually offer same day dispatch on orders received by lunchtime, and as all orders are sent via Royal Mail first class signed for post, they often arrive the next working day. Important when you’re a busy new mum and everything is last minute!
  • Free returns
    Yep that’s right. Free returns on all orders because we know how difficult it is to gauge your post baby body size and shape and you’ll probably want to try on a few styles in the comfort of your own home to make sure you get the perfect one.

Let’s face it – it’s not as if Christmas is exactly a stress-free event for most mums so if breastfeeding mums can look good while being able to nurse their babies then we believe that’s halfway to feeling good!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Emma (Owner & Director of Milk & Mummy)


My story – why I love supporting women!

Hi, I’m Emma from bras4mums.Emma

I just wanted to say hello to you all and briefly explain why I’m running bras4mums.

I’ve got three boys and during my first pregnancy, I just went into my local high street stores, which I guess most of you would probably do, and bought my maternity and nursing bras from the shops. They weren’t very pretty and they weren’t attractive. They fitted and they did the job, but they weren’t great!

So during my second pregnancy, I wore the same bras again, but having worn them probably for two years last time, they weren’t really supportive anymore.  I’d lost a lot of weight at that point, so my body shape had changed, and they really didn’t fit very well at all.  However, I didn’t really think anything of it and just carried on with old unsupportive and unattractive nursing bras!

During that time, I was also looking for work. I wanted to leave my employed work and become self-employed.  I was investigating various avenues and discovered there is a whole host of other maternity and nursing bra suppliers which you can’t probably find in the high street store, and these bras are pretty, really supportive and they are much better than the styles that you can get in the high street, particularly in the shops that I was going to, anyway!

So I set up my home fitting service around Cambridge in 2011 and I now visit mums, either pregnant or breastfeeding, and fit them in their new maternity or nursing bras.

Then about three years ago, I was given an opportunity to take over bras4mums, which meant I could increase the reach of the ladies that I support, because I’m so passionate about women wearing the right size bra for whatever stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding that they’re at, but also that they’re wearing something pretty and attractive and something they feel comfortable and confident in.

Cake Lingerie Sorbet Nursing BraYou don’t have to suffer like I suffered through my first two pregnancies with bras that are frumpy and unattractive and not very supportive.

I just really want to get that message out to women, so come and pop over to the website and have a look, and if you need any help or advice, then I’m here.

I’ve been through it, I understand, and I’m here to help you, because I really believe that at a time when your body’s changing so quickly, you can still feel good about yourself about yourself. You can actually be confident and be comfortable and be supported in gorgeous bras!

So, if you need any help or advice, drop me an email, call me, find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I’ll be happy to help.

downloadLooking forward to supporting you!

Emma x

March Bra of the Month – Royce Blossom Nursing Bra

Spring is on it’s way, but here in Cambridge, it is very wet and miserable today! Looking back at February’s Bra of the Month offer, February started in the same way!

Anyway, this month, the bra of the month is the Royce Blossom Nursing Bra.

Blossom Nursing Bra CandyThis innovative design from Royce is another favourite of mine since it was introduced back in 2011.

The super soft stretchy fabric allows the cup to expand and contract which covers 3 cup sizes – perfect for those early days of feeding when you experience fluctuation in your breast size.

There is also a hidden cord at the centre of the bra which allows you to change the style from a plunge style to a crop top style. Blossom Nursing Bra Candy


I particularly like the ‘slide slings’ which give support at the side of your breasts.


Royce Blossom nursing braThis bra is great for both pregnancy and breastfeeding and is available in black with white spots, or the lighter Candy (pink & white stripes) in the sizes shown in the grid below.

32 C / D / DD 32 E / F / FF 32 G / GG / H
34 C / D / DD 34 E / F / FF 34 G / GG / H
36 C / D / DD 36 E / F / FF 36 G / GG / H
38 C / D / DD 38 E / F / FF 38 G / GG / H
40 C / D / DD 40 E / F / FF 40 G / GG / H

Royce have made this video which explains how the bra works and I have previously reviewed the bra here.

The offer for this month is to get the Royce Blossom Nursing Bra for just £25 (RRP £30) by using the code BLOSSOM at the checkout.

Happy Shopping!

Emma x

Do I have to wear nursing bras?

Do I have to wear nursing bras? This question is often asked by ladies in their first pregnancy because it is all new to them and they don’t know what they need in terms of new bras.

However, the answer isn’t necessarily a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and there are different reasons why you do or don’t have to wear nursing bras!

Firstly, let me explain what a nursing bra actually is, because if this is your first pregnancy, you might not actually understand the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra.

HOTmilk Eclipse Nursing Bra

Quite simply, a nursing bra is a bra which has nursing clips. These clips allow you to pull down the cup of the bra for easy feeding access. Usually these bras don’t have underwires in them, although there are several underwired nursing bras on the market*.  You can wear a nursing bra during pregnancy but is not necessary as you won’t need the nursing clips until you start breastfeeding.

*I don’t recommend wearing underwired nursing bras until after at least 12 weeks post birth. Read about underwired nursing bras here.

A maternity bra is just a term for a bra that you wear during pregnancy. Many ladies continue to wear their normal bras during pregnancy but then get to a stage where they are uncomfortable and need new bras. At this point, they usually move into wearing a maternity bra, which is essentially a soft cup bra that does not have nursing clips.

So, do you have to wear a nursing bra?

HOTmilk Eclipse Nursing Bra

During pregnancy, no it isn’t necessary, although many ladies will wear a nursing bra when they are moving from their normal bras to a soft cup bra. This is because many of the styles of nursing bra that I stock are designed to be worn during pregnancy as well as for breastfeeding. HOTmilk and Cake Lingerie bras for example, typically have 6 sets of hooks at the back. This means that you can start to wear the bra during early pregnancy on the tightest fitting and it will then grow with you as your bump expands.

If you are planning on breastfeeding though, then a nursing bra becomes more essential. By wearing a nursing bra, you will be well supported, particularly if your breasts become heavy when your milk comes in and you will be able to easily pull down the cup for access to your breast. The last thing you want when baby is hungry is not being able to easily attach baby to your breast!

So, does this all make sense? Have I answered your question: do I have to wear nursing bras? Is there anything else you want to know? Ask me here in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #brafittingFAQ and I will answer anything you need to know!

Emma x

February Bra of the Month

February has started very damp and gloomy here in Cambridge, so to offer a bit of brightness, here is the February bra of the month.

HOTmilk Lingerie black nursing braThe HOTmilk Eclipse Nursing Bra! This bra is very feminine and beautiful with a lace trim and a diamante in the middle. Nursing bras can be sexy too!

It comes in black and nude and the inside of the bra cup is lined with soft cotton, so is delicate against your sensitive breasts during breastfeeding or during pregnancy. The band offers good support, and the nursing clips are easy to use.

The Eclipse nursing bra is an A-frame style nursing bra, which offers some discreet support at the top of your cup, even when feeding.


Coming in a wide range of sizes from 32B to 42H, this bra also has matching bikini briefs so if you are someone who likes a matching set, then these are for you!

To get 10% off this bra during February, use #braofthemonth at the checkout.

Happy Shopping!

Emma x



Introducing the Large Cup Seamless Nursing Bra

So often I get asked for a seamless maternity or nursing bra larger than an F cup. The seamless nursing bras that I have in stock are all lovely and fit really well on ladies up to an F cup, but even the XL sizes will not fit or give support to anyone larger than an F.

Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless Nursing BraSo hurray for Cake Lingerie who have filled a gap in the market and introduced the Sugar Candy Nursing Bra – a fuller bust seamless nursing bra.

This bra has been specifically designed for the large cup ladies, starting at a 30 band and from an F-HH cup, it has a reinforced bust platform sling and a double layer side support sling to give maximum support to heavy breasts.

It is ideal for during pregnancy, breastfeeding and as a sleep bra, so definitely one for the hospital bag for immediately post birth or for wearing around the house.

Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless Nursing BraIt comes in 3 colours, the basic black and nude but also a gorgeous pink if you like a bit of colour!

The sizing is very simple so this bra will last you at a time when your breasts are changing shape and size during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

32 S S S S M L
34 M M M M L XL
36 L L L L XL

So if you have larger breasts and want comfort and support, shop here for the Sugar Candy Nursing Bra!

Happy Shopping!

Emma x

Blue Monday Offer

Monday 16th January 2017 is allegedly the ‘most depressing’ day of the year!


Apparently we are all feeling down: Christmas seems ages ago, we are waiting to be paid, we are struggling to shift the excesses from over-indulgence, the weather is rubbish and we are already likely to have failed to keep our new year resolutions.

I have to say, that I don’t feel like this at all and I am excited about what 2017 will bring, both for bras4mums and for my family. I have lots of exciting things to look forward this year!

But I didn’t want Blue Monday to pass by without offering a little something to all you lovely ladies, so I am offering free postage on any orders* placed on Monday 16th January if you enter the code BLUE at the checkout.

Happy Shopping!

Emma x


*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code.

January Bra of the Month

Each month, starting from this month, I am going to share with you a different bra and give you a special offer for the website. It might be money off, free postage, discounted or free matching briefs… it just depends on the bra for the month as to what the offer will be.

I am beginning this year with one of my personal favourites and one that I know lots of you ladies like too! It might not be pretty, but it is super comfy and supportive and is one of the bras that I recommend to the majority of my customers.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra

The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.

For those of you who don’t know my story, I struggled with maternity and nursing bras during my first two pregnancies. I then discovered the lovely T-J who trained me in maternity and nursing bra fittings and I started my BraLady Cambridge business. So whilst pregnant with my third son and breastfeeding him, I had new bras which I knew fitted me properly, were comfortable and supportive.  I practically lived in the the Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra!

It is a soft, stretchy, t-shirt style bra and is ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding because of its flexible sizing: Small – Extra Large covering 32B to 46F.

The new style Extra Large has had x2 cup sizes added to it, so it now goes up to G cup (although I haven’t yet got those in stock). If you want one of the new sized XL bras, then please email me at and I will sort this out for you.

This bra is ideal for your hospital bag, early days of feeding, or if baby arrives earlier than expected and you haven’t had your nursing bra fitting yet.  It is very versatile and can be worn during the day as it is supportive enough, or can be slept in at night as it has no seams to dig into your milk ducts.

The foam cups offer a firmer shape and cover your nipples or breast pads. Some ladies like the pads, others remove them immediately! I used them for the first few weeks of breastfeeding to help protect my sore nipples, but then took them out as I didn’t need them anymore.

The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is available in a choice of colours: black, ivory and latte. I have a few pale pink left in stock and there are also seasonal colours available so a new colour is likely to be available in the spring.

Already discounted from the RRP of £30 down to £27, I am offering you a further 10% off this month. Just enter #braofthemonth at the checkout to apply your discount.

I hope you love this bra as much as I do!

Emma x