Welcome Chelle, a new Bras4mums ambassador

chelle bras ambassadorChelle is mama to a feisty red head called Fizz wife to Gav. Since 2009 Chelle has been on a massive career and life changing journey – first being a mama then returning to work all while blogging her journey. Chelle blogs at Unique and Chic – a website she says covers everything unique even when you don’t feel quite as chic – sharing her own and others parenting stories along the way. You can find her on twitter as @chellemccann.

I have known TJ since 2010 – I had just finished breastfeeding but I knew what a fabulous website and how helpful it could be for new mums to be both with products and the great advice. You may have seen me blogging on the site before!

After having my daughter it took quite a few years (nearly 4 in fact) to even consider having a second child in our house. After a few years of non existent and very irregular periods as well as scans to find out what was wrong we found out that we were pregnant 2 days before our daughters 4th birthday. Time wise I have a thing about how dates work out – 2 days before my 30th birthday I found out that we were expecting Fizz. A good omen perhaps?

Pregnancy this time around has been pretty different and since I am already in the third trimester I feel like I have some catching up to do with the Bras4Mums readers.

So what was so different in the first and second trimester….

Flutterings: When I was pregnant with Fizz I felt these for the first time around 18-19 weeks. I knew that often mums can feel these much earlier in subsequent pregnancies. I started to feel something around 12 weeks but convinced myself that it wasn’t possible so early. Turns out it is.

Appointments: This time I have less with the midwife and more with various other people. Level 11 is becoming pretty well known to me already for glucose testing, blood testing, scans and next up a consultant.

Bumpage: The bump is huge at 16 weeks. It has taken me by surprise!

Sickness: woahhh it was no where near this bad last time. This time I have actual vomiting. My head feels like it wants to explode afterwards.

Tiredness: Yes I know with a small person around it was bound to be more tiring this time. I am so lucky that I work freelance now. I have had to adapt both my working hours and Fizz’s nursery hours to ensure that tiredness does not have a knock on both areas. Fizz seems to love full nursery days so thats a win now as is the fact that daddy can do drop off and pick ups too.

What did you find surprising second time around?

Welcome Danni, a new Bras4mums ambassador

Hi *waves*
I’m Danni and I blog over on itstartedwithasquish.com. I started blogging a couple of years ago as a bit of a hobby when my son (AKA Squish) was about 2 years old, although I must admit it’s now become more of a religion (in a good way!).
Just a couple of months ago we welcomed into the world my dinky little daughter Eleanor which is why my blog may have been a bit quieter than usual recently. I’ve had such a different experience with my second baby, mainly through blogging I have found I am more well informed and level headed. I had goals this time around and one of those goals was to breastfeed. I was in a lot of pain when I tried to breastfeed Squish and with the shock of becoming a first time mum sinking me into a darker place I made the decision to give up fairly early. I promised myself that this time I would do everything within my power to make things different and I am happy to say I’m now 8 weeks on and still breastfeeding. Not that it has been at all easy… (my journey has been well documented on my blog if you want to have a read!).
As I have breastfed longer this time I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of having a well fitting bra. They are worn around the clock when you’re breastfeeding, so I realise how important it is to have ones that fit properly and allow a good level of support whilst still being comfortable.This is where Bras4mums have helped me as I hadn’t a clue about how they should fit… nor did I know at what points I needed remeasuring. These things are best left to the experts in my opinion and the bonus for me was that she was able to come to my home.
I will soon be blogging about the experience very soon, I promise!…. so watch this space!
Danni xxdanni bras blog

The Pregnancy Diaries – 26 weeks

Mama to 2 little ones with a new baby on the way. Just reaching the 3rd trimester discusses the mounting things she needs to do and the the pregnancy symptoms she is starting to suffer from.

Vi blogs at Goriami Family and talks about family life, thrifty living and fashion.

photo (10) (1)

Huge excitement this morning after a night of horrible heartburn and reflux, I realised I had made it into the third trimester! This feels like a huge milestone, and I’m part delighted, part terrified to be 26 weeks pregnant!! Suddenly I realise I am going to need to start thinking about buying some things for baby, you’d think as this is going to be baby number 3 I’d easily decide on where baby should sleep, but suddenly I find myself indecisive between Moses basket and crib! Still, by the time baby arrives I’m sure I will have made up my mind..(I hope!). I’ve recovered the breast pump from the baby stuff I’d put away, but I confess I’ve already found myself looking at it with some confusion and struggling to remember how to put it all together..I think I need to re-read the manual! 

As I’ve already explained, I am suffering with reflux and heartburn, I’ve also been told to increase the dose of my iron tablets, so I think between now and the end of pregnancy I will be found armed with a hip flask full of Gaviscon and a bag of spinach to help my iron levels! The best thing my midwife said to me at the last appointment was “dark chocolate is great for low iron levels..” I don’t know whether she was just saying that but I’m not going to check if she was joking as who needs a better excuse for eating chocolate (and I do love plain chocolate!). Other pregnancy woes include waking up at 2am with sore hips and then rolling from side to side trying to get comfortable! I do find keeping as mobile as I can during the day does help a little – though then i find I’m really stiff in the morning and struggle to get out of bed!

Physically my bump is now obvious to anyone, and people have started to ask when baby is due – not sure if they think I suddenly look huge or just suddenly look pregnant?! My breasts have changed hugely, they’re darker in colour, with prominent nipples and are very full, I think I might be giving Dolly Parton a run for her money when the milk comes in after baby arrives! I’ve been picking T-J @bras4mums brains to ensure I’m wearing the right sized bra and also the right style for me, and suddenly realising that it isn’t as simple as just picking out a maternity bra off the rail! Different styles/fabrics of bras do suit me better than others, and writing it sounds so obvious I’m cringing but without someone to help me decide which works I have been (in honesty) wearing completely the wrong bras, but it’s OK we’re rectifying that!

Vita x

The Pregnancy Diaries – Vita has reached 19 weeks

Time is flying, I can’t believe I have made it to 19 weeks and am so close to the 20 week scan! I have a mixture of excitement and nerves over the scan, will everything be ok? Should we try to find out if it’s a boy or a girl – how will we feel either way? Having already had two boys the thought of a possibly having girl is both exciting and terrifying at the same time!!
 So, I’m trying to concentrate on the positive fact that I’ve got to 19 weeks fairly easily, yes there has been the odd blip, a bleed, a consultant appointment, iron tablets (which are horrid by the way..) but generally with the exception of the horrid cold I’m still trying to shake I’m well, if I could just relax I would be enjoying pregnancy! I’m trying to focus on keeping relaxed and trying not to worry about pregnancy or day to day things like..bills! For the last week I’ve been taking an hour each evening just for myself, where I will read, listen to my favourite music or simply soak in a bubble bath, I think it’s helping – I certainly look forward to the hour to myself!
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m in my maternity wardrobe well and truly, the bump is big already and I discovered yesterday that I am seriously off balance..trying to stand on one leg to tie a shoe lace whilst pregnant is not the best idea.. thankfully I did not actually fall over, though that was more by luck than judgement!! I’ve treated myself to a new maternity jumper which I’m excitedly waiting for the postman to deliver, and although you could argue a cream lace decorated jumper with a chocolate mad 3 year old in the house is not the most sensible option I could have chosen, I am really excited as it’ll look fabulous with my maternity jeans! It’s all about the simple pleasures :)
Vita x

Newborn Days

Newborn days tend to be a whirl of nappies, visitors, midwife visits and tears. We were not warned about the “baby blues” before our baby arrived so we thought we’d spread the word and reassure you it’s completely normal. It generally appears a day or two following the birth of your beautiful baby. There is no warning, there is no reason, but you will find yourself dissolved in tears – embrace them as they really do help and they do not last forever.

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Pregnancy and your body

Hotmilk chic nursing bra

Hotmilk chic bra black & pink

During pregnancy your body goes through such a drastic change, it may not seem such a big deal, however, the reality is – you’ve created and are growing a human being, see what we mean?  There are so many tips and advice thrown around, we’re sure you’ve been inundated with advice, but here’s our own experiences and findings we wanted to share. Continue reading

Pregnancy Diaries: Jo & Daniel’s Birth Story

After a fairly uneventful pregnancy until 36 weeks, when I was moved onto consultant care due to concerns over baby’s size (I was discharged from them at 39 weeks) and managing to get through Christmas and New Year without an early appearance of baby, I was ready for the end at 40 weeks. I had a sweep with my midwife at 1.15pm on Friday 10th January at 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  After returning home and sitting down for a bit, I started getting some strong irregular cramps at 2.15pm. After another hour of pretending to be normal (looking after the toddler and doing housework) and breathing through the contractions when they came, I realised that it was definitely labour and started calling the family to sort out who would look after Thomas, our 2 year old. My dad came over to stay the night with Thomas in case we needed to leave for the hospital in the middle of the night. I called our doula, Manie from Opal Aura and told her not to rush but to come over when she could as things were moving up a gear now with the contractions coming stronger and closer together.

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Hospital bag – What should you pack?

With an ever expanding belly and time flying like there’s no tomorrow, the question “have you packed your hospital bag” is one that has some pregnant mums to be crying with sheer frustration. What to pack? What will we need? They aren’t silly questions, after all – you’ve not had a baby before so it’s moving into the unknown. Continue reading