Happy 10th birthday to us!

We’re delighted to have made it to our 10th birthday. bras4mums has supported thousands of women through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond during our 10 years.

To celebrate, we’re giving away Cake in the only way we know how – a Cake Lingerie set for wearing during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or beyond! Cake Lingerie has been re-introduced into our range this year, and we’re delighted with the fit, support and shape of the bra styles we’re offering to you. 30A – 40J sizes are available across the range. The winner will chose the style right for them.

Enter now by leaving us a note below – what is your favourite cake?, or by sharing with your friends. Good luck & thank you for celebrating with us :-)

T-J & bras4mums team



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Why do people tell me not to wear wired bras during pregnancy?

It’s not because we don’t understand that you’ve always worn wired bras and know nothing different. It’s not because we want you to feel unsupported during pregnancy. And it’s certainly not because, “that’s what we did in our day”.

Your body changes as soon as you conceive your baby. Some of you will have noticed changes immediately, others it takes longer. Your body starts to prepare for your baby over the whole nine months. To start with, your breasts grow and you may notice your nipples alter colour and size. As you start to reach the end of your first trimester, your ribs start to grow to allow space for your baby to get bigger.

anita underwired maternity bra

Anita 5035 underwired bra

Underwired bras often use quite a firm wire to give the bra good support and shape. This will be quite rigid, and will be unable to adapt to your changing body shape and size. You will find that the wires start to dig into your breast tissue and may cause discomfort, or even blocked ducts – yes, even during pregnancy this is possible!

So, when a bra fitter tells you that they advise you to wear soft cup bras during pregnancy, it’s usually because this will save you money, (not buying new size underwired bras every few weeks). It’s also to keep you comfy and your breasts safe from harm.

Having said that, there are some great underwired bras for wearing during pregnancy, which uses specially designed softer wires, which stretch with your changing shape. They may not suit everyone, and with a great variety of supportive, pretty and sexy maternity bras out there, you may not need wires to keep you smiling during pregnancy!

If you have any questions or concerns about underwired bras for pregnancy, please ask our Bra Lady team.

When will my breasts get back to normal?

This is a question we hear frequently. It’s often when a woman has been breastfeeding, and wants to ‘get back to normal bras’. Is this something you’ve considered, or chatted about with girlfriends?

Well, firstly, what’s normal for you will be different to your friends or sisters. It depends on lots of factors, but it’s mainly our own DNA and hormones that affect what happens to our body. Whilst a bra may affect longevity of well shaped and toned breasts, it can’t affect what will naturally happen over time – gravity.

Depending how long you breastfeed for, and how often you’re feeding, is probably the most important factor in answering this question. If you’re feeding morning and night, and have been for the last month or so, and continue to do so for the next few months, then this ‘normal’ for you will allow your breasts to settle into a new pattern. When you stop breastfeeding altogether, it will still take a few months for your breasts to get used to not making milk. However, as they’ve only been used twice a day, this should be a relatively small change for you.

If, on the other hand, you’ve been breastfeeding fully and are now returning to work and expect to finish breastfeeding totally, your change in breast shape and size will be more dramatic. There will still be some months before things settle totally, but you’ve been making milk for your baby for the past 6 months, and now you’re not. Your body needs time to readjust.

The other question to think about is if you’re planning to lose weight. Weight gain and loss can make a big difference to your breast shape and size at any time in your life, not just after baby has been born.

Some women will keep their fuller breasts, others will lose the fullness they had before pregnancy, particularly at the top of the breast. Just be aware of what’s happened to you so you can adjust your bra styles accordingly.

HOTmilk Lingerie black nursing bra

HOTmilk Eclipse nursing bra

What can I do about it? Well, all you can do is wait really. However, you do need to make sure your breasts are properly supported throughout breastfeeding and the changes. Remembering bras last, in their fully supportive state, for about 6 months, treating yourself to good bras that will last through your changes are a good investment. Don’t leave it thinking “I’ll get bras once my breasts have settled”, and be without good support for the next 4 months! Get yourself a good, nursing bra that you’re comfortable wearing for work, and or pleasure, that will last through these final changes. There’s lots of lovely nursing bras out there, so you’ll feel ‘normal’ at any stage. Our sister site bras4all stocks ‘normal bras’, so our bra fitters are able to help you through this time of transition.

Any questions? If you have a question about bra fitting, please email it to info@bras4mums.co.uk, or tweet us @bras4mums and we’ll be happy to find the answer. With over 10 years of bra fitting pregnant and breastfeeding women, we’ve seen most things at least once!

Why does my bra hurt now I’m pregnant?

This is a very common question during pregnancy, so you’re not alone in asking it!

Bra band folds over

Bra band folds over

Do you recognise this picture? Could it have been your partner taking this photo of you?

This photo was taken by the partner of a lady 26 weeks pregnant, so if you’re around this stage in pregnancy, or later, then it’s a very common problem.

Reason why? Well, your growing bump is causing there to be very little space between breasts and bump for a bra band to sit firmly and well.

If, like this lady, the bra you’re wearing that’s folding over is a fairly firm support maternity bra (the one pictured is a Hotmilk maternity bra), the the firm band doesn’t really have any option but to fold over as there is no-where else for it to go!

Some of you during pregnancy cannot stand anything pressing on bump. For you, we suggest something softer around your ribs. It won’t be as supportive, but, it won’t be for long. This will only last for the rest of your pregnancy, so don’t worry about it. You’ll be able to get back to your firmer more supportive bras for breastfeeding and after the birth.

Remember as well that your body, and bump, changes shape and size during the day. So, what feels and looks fine in the morning might not later on as your body grows with heat and movement.

What can I do about it? If, like this lady, you’re uncomfortable, then this is likely to continue/get worse as bump grows even more over the next few weeks. Depending on your cup size, we’d suggest a softer, less structured bra for the rest of your pregnancy like Bravado Seamless bra, Cake Cotton Candy bra, or the Bravado Custom bra. There are other styles, (see seamless nursing bras), but these tend to work for most women we fit.

Even though the bands on these bras are often wider/deeper, as they are softer, even if they do roll up a bit they won’t be as uncomfortable. It’s also likely that these less structured seamless bras will be about the right size for your initial breastfeeding bra, and will last you for the initial few weeks of breastfeeding.

Any questions? If you have a question about bra fitting, please email it to info@bras4mums.co.uk, or tweet us @bras4mums and we’ll be happy to find the answer. With 10 years of bra fitting pregnant and breastfeeding women, we’ve seen most things at least once! We’ll be answering questions here once a week, and will be available online for individual queries. We’ll be using #brafittingFAQ to share some simple tips on twitter if you’d like to follow us there.

Help others decide & you could win £10 voucher

We all want reassurance that we’re spending our money wisely don’t we? Even though we

Hotmilk show off bra vanilla

HOTmilk Show Off Bra Vanilla

know that all bras fit differently and we’re all different shapes and sizes, it does help women to make a decision, if they know that the product is a good one for others. Do you agree?

So, each calendar month, we’ll be giving away a £10 voucher to one reviewer, chosen at random, for any review they’ve left about a product bought at bras4mums.

Simply go to the product you bought, and underneath the description is a Customer review section. Click on “Write an online review”, and we’ll approve it when we’re next in the office. On the first day of the following month, check your emails and see if it’s you that’s got £10 to spend, or give away to a friend!

Thank you for shopping with us. We’re looking forward to Supporting You again soon :-)

If you need help or advice about bra styles, sizes or what’s happening/going to happen to your body/breasts during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond, our bra fitting team are ready to help! Call the office, email, tweet, or facebook & we’ll answer your queries.


bras4mums launch online maternity and nursing bra size tool

Specialist maternity and nursing bra fitters, bras4mums, have launched an online bra size tool to help pregnant and breastfeeding women get the right size bra at each stage of their changing body shape.

bras4mums, which is 10 years old this year, has launched the online bra size tool as a

Hotmilk chic nursing bra

Hotmilk chic 30C-38G

starting point to help women who are often confused and given conflicting information when pregnant. Founder and owner, T-J Hughes, said, “The main problem women have when pregnant and breastfeeding, is understanding what is going to happen to their breast and body shape and how this impacts on the bra size and style they should get. We’ve developed this online tool as a starting point to help answer some of these questions.”

T-J continued, “After almost 10 years of Supporting pregnant and breastfeeding women with the widest range of maternity and nursing bras in the UK, we wanted to offer something different which is accessible at any time of day or night to answer those difficult questions you just need to know the answer to! Our Bra Lady team are here to answer specific questions about bra sizes and styles, as all our bodies are different, and our hormones do different things. Even sisters will often have different experiences during pregnancy, including breast size change.”

The online bra size tool asks each woman some basic questions, and emails them with basic information for that stage in pregnancy or breastfeeding, and what to look out for. An initial bra size to try at this stage is suggested, with the option to contact a trained and experienced bra fitter who understands pregnancy and breastfeeding, and can advise women with specific queries.

bras4mums specialise in stocking the largest range of maternity bras and nursing bras, in the widest sizes available, to ensure that all women are offered different styles for their changing body shapes. Stock items include bra sizes 28 – 50 band and B – L cups, with styles from Hotmilk Lingerie, Royce Lingerie , Cake Lingerie and Bravado Designs – all extremely popular bra manufacturers with pregnant and new Mums.

bras4mums have been offering support to pregnant and breastfeeding women for almost 10 years, as a home fitting service, at Baby shows, and online. The company was set up by Mum of 2, T-J Hughes, when she was sold a nursing bra that fitted one week and not the next when she was breastfeeding baby number 2.

bras4mums offers a home bra fitting service in Lancashire and north Manchester, and in Cambridgeshire through trained Bra Lady network, and supports women across the UK with bra fitting advice and information through the online shop and online bra sizing tool. Advice is given on twitter and facebook, with skype bra fittings increasingly common.

To ask advice from an experienced maternity and nursing bra specialist, contact 0845 373 3875, or support@bralady.co.uk. More information about bra fitting during pregnancy or breastfeeding is available on the website http://www.bras4mums.co.uk/, via twitter @bras4mums or on Facebook page bras4mumsuk.


NEW Bravado Silk Seamless nursing bra with matching briefs

“The Body Silk Seamless nursing bra was designed to melt onto your body, and give you comfort unlike any you’ve experienced from a bra before (nursing or not!). This moulded foam cup bra offers you a seamless silhouette, lovely shape and great support. And because the foam cups are removable, you have the option of a thicker cup lining to hide nipples and breast pads when you need it.”

Bravado Seamless-redThese are big claims from Bravado Designs, but from all our experience over the last 10 years of supporting women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we’re happy to endorse this bra as one of our bestselling bras EVER!

When women describe the discomfort their bra is causing during pregnancy, and the difficulty in finding a comfortable maternity bra, this is our ‘go to’ bra. Any pregnant or breastfeeding woman within the size ranges 32B – 46F will put this bra on, and literally say “Ahh! I can’t believe it! It’s so comfy!” They often leave the fitting room with this seamless bra on. You can’t get much better compliment than that!

Priced at £30.00, the Bravado Body Silk Seamless nursing bra, with matching seamless Seamless-print-tealbriefs, is now available in the gorgeous new print and colours of rose, teal, red and indigo. Some women who aren’t used to paying this amount for a bra, will understand the quality and support this seamless nursing bra gives when they try it on, and put their top on and look at their new uplifted shape.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra sizes –

32 S S S S M
34 S S M M M
36 S M M L L
38 M M M L L
40 L L XL
42 L L L XL XL
44 L L L XL XL

Seamless Panty  Pregnant ChaiThe Bravado silk seamless nursing bra is available in ivory, black and butterscotch / skin, and latte / pale skin and pale pink.  Red and Indigo are fashion colours. The Body silk seamless print nursing bra is available in Rose and Teal. All colours have matching seamless briefs, available in two-pack.


Fabric content:
Body 90% Nylon, 19% Elastane
Foam cup lining 100% polyester
Foam 100% polyurethane

Machine wash 30°C, gentle cycle. Hang to dry


T-JT-J says: “I’ve loved this bra since it was first introduced. It’s been improved over the last few years, and it’s great we can offer lovely coloured nursing bras to our pregnant & breastfeeding Mums. This is the bra I send to a woman who rings, has arrived in hospital without having sorted her nursing bras. It works for 95% of women within the size range 32B – 46F. It’s fab!”

What do you think of this bra? Did it keep you breastfeeding, or encourage you to give breastfeeding a go after an uncomfortable pregnancy? Let us know below:

Win tickets for Manchester Baby Show

We’re delighted to be offering our bra fitting service at the Manchester Baby Show 7-9 March, stand G39, near the breastfeeding room. We’ll be bringing a selection of nursing bras, sleep bras & some of our breastfeeding clothing to try & buy.

Hotmilk show off bra vanilla

HOTmilk Show Off Bra Vanilla

There’ll be some special show offers, which we’ll announce nearer the time, but we’re sure you’ll be pleased with them!

Our stock will include Bravado breastfeeding bras, HOTmilk lingerie, Royce nursing bras, Emma Jane nursing bras, Carriwell nursing bras & Lorna Drew nursing bras, breastpads, and breastfeeding vests.

If there’s anything particular you want us to bring for you to try, please let us know in advance, so we can make sure we pack it.

We do get busy, so we do suggest heading to the stand first thing in the morning to avoid the queues.

To win 1 of 5 pairs of tickets we have to giveaway, please enter our prize draw below.


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HOTmilk nursing bra – now in a 30 band (at last!)

We’re delighted to introduce new HOTmilk Lingerie styles to our new range this spring. And, we know some of you will be delighted with the news that the HOTmilk Chic Nursing bra is available in 30 band! Phew! At last I hear you cry! We’re delighted, so we hope you are too! :-)

Hotmilk show off bra vanilla

HOTmilk Show Off Bra Vanilla

The HOTmilk Show Off nursing bra has been an excellent supportive bra, giving great shape, similar to the underwired shape you’re probably use to, since it’s development two years ago. The original dark blue with peach background is still available, with a matching bikini brief. This season’s colours are Black and bright pink, and Vanilla and soft pink. 32D – 38H

The matching briefs sit under the bump during pregnancy and are very comfy after baby has been born (and years later in my personal experience!). Small – XXLarge

The newest addition to the HOTmilk range, is the lovely Chic breastfeeding bra. Available

Hotmilk chic nursing bra

Hotmilk chic bra black & pink

in black with pale pink behind the lace, with a matching lacy boy short, this nursing bra is available in 30 – 38 band, and C – G cup. So, if you’re one of the smaller back ladies we know, then this will be right up your street!

The popular Hotmilk Essential Eclipse nursing bra is now available in nude, along with the enduring black. Both colours have matching bikini brief and french knicker to match. 32B – 42H

Let us know what you think to these new styles. Do you like the colours, shape, matching briefs? What is it that you like about Hotmilk Lingerie?

Breastfeeding and sports bras

Exercising post birth is really important to your physical and mental health. If this is your first baby, then remember that you’ll have a check up with your GP at about 6 weeks, to make sure you’re physically and mentally well. If you have any concerns about your own health and fitness, this is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns and get advice and support.

Once you’ve been passed fit to exercise again, you can either go back to the activities you were doing, or start carriwell-nursing-swimsuitsomething gentle whilst your body heals itself after the birth of your baby. Don’t do too much too soon, and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Get help, and advice from friends, pilates instructors, your local gym or swimming instructor. There are so many people to help you.

If you need to find activities suitable for you, then try spogo – an online database of activities in your area. You can even buddy up with others online. Or the BBC have a Get Inspired section, where activities are listed in your area. Whatever it is you do, do it gently to start with, and enjoy it. Exercise and activity can be energising as well as social, so even if you’re getting little sleep with your new little one, you can still benefit from 20 minutes of activity each day.

Remember that gardening, and housework can be fairly active and get your muscles working! There’s also lots of ways you can exercise with your baby. Your local health visitor and baby groups, like the NCT, can offer loads of advice and information on what you can do within your day to get active.

If you’re walking everyday with the pram, then ensure you’re wearing a firm support nursing bra, like the Royce Charlotte or Lauren nursing bra. If you’re doing something a little more energetic, then a sports bra will offer more support to your breasts and keep you comfy, without damaging your breast tissue.

Anita-5523-front-fastening-sports-braIf you’re breastfeeding, you’ll possibly be looking for a sports bra that you can easily breastfeed with. We haven’t found any such nursing sports bra that is good at both things. The closest we’ve come is the Anita front fastening sports bra, which will offer easy access to your breasts after exercise, but is only suitable up to DD-E cup. We’ve yet to find a lady who is breastfeeding whilst running or horse riding, so using the right bra for the right purpose will be more supportive and better for your breast health.

As your body and breasts are changing all the time, if you need advice about sizes and styles of sports bras for pregnancy, breastfeeding, or after, then please use our bra size tool as a starting point. If you need more specific advice, or have particular queries relating to your own situation or exercise regime, then our Bra Lady team are here to help you.